Celebrate Clean Air with Greenworks

Creating a Greener Future with Greenworks.

Greenworks is building a more powerful and sustainable future – one where clean air is the priority.

Breathing clean air is something that we all want for our families. That’s why every product Greenworks makes has zero emissions – delivering uncompromising performance and environmental mindfulness. 

Why do we believe so strongly in zero emissions? Because switching from gas engines to battery power can make a significant impact on the environment. A few key facts to consider: 

  • Gas spillage: Did you know that in the United States, more than 800 million gallons of gas are used to fuel lawn equipment? That’s a lot of fumes to breathe in from coast to coast. And don’t forget about refueling lawn equipment, which averages 17 million gallons of gas spillage each year. 
  • Polluted air: Approximately 16 billion tons of CO2 are released into the environment when those 800 million gallons of lawn mower fuel burns – just from lawn mowers. The CO2 number increases when you use a gas-powered blower or trimmer after mowing. 
  • Noise violations: More than 100 American communities have banned or limited the use of gas-powered leaf blowers, thanks to the high-pitched motor whine that can damage hearing with prolonged exposure. 

What can I do to help the environment?

Luckily, we can all make a few simple adjustments that can help create a greener future. 

  • Mow later in the day to reduce ground-level ozone: Mowing your lawn when the UV rays are the strongest will produce the highest combination of VOCs and oxygen – which creates ground-level ozone. Mowing in the evening still releases harmful emissions but has more time to disperse without harsh UV rays. 
  • Reduce your mowing schedule. Try mowing once a week instead of two to three times a week. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s also better for your grass to grow a little longer. 
  • Make the switch from gas to electric. Skip the emissions altogether by switching from gas to battery-powered lawn mowers. You’ll love mowing and breathing clean air simultaneously – without worrying about leaving ground-level ozone in your yard and neighborhood. That’s something to celebrate!


The Greenworks Commitment

At Greenworks, every day is Earth Day. For more than 20 years, Greenworks has been at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. We proudly push the boundaries of what cordless products can do – powering up your lifestyle with zero gas, zero emissions and zero maintenance. Shop our home, tool and yard equipment and join the sustainability movement today with Greenworks.

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