We manufacture our products with high-efficiency performance-that's why every Greenworks tool senses and adapts to the spaces around them. Outdoors and in, we combine best-in-class batteries, brushless motor technology, and intelligent power to reset industry standards.

Intelligent Power = Lithium-ion Battery Technology + TruBrushless Motors™ + Rapid Charging + Controls + loT/Connectivity + Robotics

How does intelligent Power works?

A smart, central control system manages and processes thousands of inputs from the battery, brushless motors and user in a split second to ensure precision and responsiveness. Greenworks delivers the maximum power needed in all conditions while optimizing energy efficiency for the longest run time.

Battery Power For the Win

Greenworks Intelligent Power is unparalleled in the industry because we've been battery technology leaders since day one. Greenworks has a legacy of building the most powerful battery-powered tools in the world. And because batteries are in our DNA, all Greenworks voltage platforms are built to be powerful, rugged and reliable.

A few key wins from going battery-powered with Greenworks:
• Power-packed sustainability

• Precision performance

• Lightweight and easy to use

• Zero maintenance

• Long-lasting runtimes

Since 2002, we've manufactured batteries with unmatched power and the longest lifespans in the industry—helping you to work quickly and finish the job faster. Plus, it's easy to simply swap batteries in and out to move from tool to tool on the same voltage platform.

TruBrushless Motors = Maximum, Long-Lasting Power

The Greenworks TruBrushless™ motor utilizes smart-sensing technology to either draw more power from the battery when it meets resistance or to conserve energy when less power is needed. This allows for precision performance, motor efficiency and the longest runtime. Your tool will kick it up a notch when it comes across a stubborn screw, thick grass or a driveway that needs a turbo-powered cleaning.

How do our brushless motors work?

Brushless motors harness the power of magnets and electromagnets instead of relying on gas and sparks. The opposite charges from the magnets and electromagnets energize the coils, causing the rotors to spin - eliminating friction and providing consistent, longer-lasting power. The intuitive system can even sense environmental changes and adjust power output accordingly, so you get the best possible power at all times, effortlessly, with motors specifically designed for the drive system and other motors designed to power our tools. Greenworks motors outshine the competition with superior power output and performance.

Maximum power. More efficiency. Longest runtimes. Less headaches. That's the power of TruBrushless™.

Rapid Charging with Greenworks

Greenworks doesn't just offer batteries with the longest runtimes - we're also revolutionizing charging capabilities, innovating to create the fastest charging solutions on the market.

From quick chargers to USB batteries, Greenworks is pushing the boundaries of battery technology. If you're eyeing an upgrade to your landscaping business, our Greenworks Commercial line offers mobile charging and full trailer solutions.

Greenworks makes it easier to always have batteries ready to tackle any project or chore. And with multiple tools on the same battery platform, you can swap batteries between tools for all-day productivity.

4G/IoT: Stay Connected with Greenworks

As technology evolves, so does Greenworks. There's no one else with our level of battery expertise and innovation- that's why many of our products have 4G capabilities.

This new connectivity unlocks new, game-changing features simply not achievable with gas-powered units, turning your tools into smart tools just by checking your phone.

• Up to Date: Analyze statistics like run time and acres mowed.
• Connectivity: Software updates automatically push to your unit to continue evolving capabilities and efficiencies.

• Protect: Theft protection right from your smartphone.

At Greenworks, we're excited to continue rolling out more connectivity features* in the near future.

*Connectivity is unavailable on some models. Check product detail pages for your specific unit's capabilities.

Cutting-edge Robotic and Autonomous Tool Technology

The future is now-We're building the future of robotic and autonomous tools. We've rolled out the industries smartest highest performing robotic mowers, keeping lawns pristine and increasing landscaper operation's productivity by erasing labor costs and providing lawn and landscaping services no matter the time of day. And with whisper quiet operation, our autonomous mowers make it easier to get more done, day or night.

Ultra-Fast Control Systems

The control system is the brain of Greenworks systems. Our state-of-the-art system takes in all the information from the motor, battery, operator and environment, analyzes it, and then instantaneously provides the maximum power output you need in changing conditions. This top-of-the-line responsiveness sets Greenworks ahead of the pack, delivering the sheer power you need to crush any job, no matter the conditions.